With the clocks well and truly turned back and as we hunker down for the long winter, mood boosting lighting is important for creating atmosphere and combating the dark nights ahead.


 Whilst there are lots of technical tips we could give on lighting a room, the main focus should be on atmosphere. The best way to create atmosphere is by layering the lighting – floor, pendant, table and wall lights are all great, but try to keep ceiling spotlights to a minimum. You want to create a feeling that obvious lights are doing the work, but use layered lighting to create effect.


Today, lighting is a technology we can play with, from using fibreoptics to bend with space, scrolling LED’s and projection. Think about the surfaces you are lighting and try reflecting or faceting to create a kaleidoscopic effect.


Another thing to consider, which can drastically alter the quality of the light, is the lampshade. Depending on the material of a shade – glass, fabric, card, metal, different atmospheres are created. Glass shades can be lovely glowing balls of light, or can throw light in interesting ways if it is patterned. Fabric shades will filter the light, depending on its colour. Card shades will give off a soft light, but it’s best to use a cream colour as sometimes the light can be too white or grey which is very stark. Metal shades direct a shaft of light, so great for use in a kitchen, or as reading lights.


With this second lockdown coming to an end, thoughts turn to Christmas and getting the house decorated, perhaps a little earlier than normal. Fairy lights are the bread and butter of Christmas decorating, creating a magical atmosphere. We would normally err of the side of caution with fairy lights as overkill can look tacky. We would suggest only using warm white lights to create a twinkling glow. However, the mood this year seems to be more is more. So with various options of app controlled multi coloured, mood enhancing lights, I’d say layer up and go for it. If you do want to keep it sophisticated, then look to weddings for inspiration. They tend to use fairly lights in a really impactful way, so take a look at Pinterest or Instagram for ideas.

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