Why Buy Antiques?

Jayne has been an interior designer for 30+ years. She has worked for clients all round the world, creating practical, comfortable and stylish homes from urban residences to country homes and beach houses.  Throughout all of the projects she has worked on, antiques have always played a part. Even back in the 80’s, when rag rolled walls were the trend and the 90’s when minimalism was The Thing, there was always room to incorporate antiques into a scheme.

Over the years, Jayne has developed a well trained eye for sourcing, not only interesting antiques, but fabric, decorative items and unusual art. We set up the business to extend her finds to the wider public, not just her clients.

Antique furniture can be appreciated not just as a repository of history, character and beauty but also as a product that is sustainable, reusable and resaleable. The throw away attitude is changing and buying antiques can be seen as green. Thankfully “trends” in interior design, although still around, are no longer a movement (think Georgian Salon or New York loft) and it’s now more about personal taste, often mixing the old with the new.

The best way to find things you like is to get out there and have a rootle around. I find that going to antique centres are usually the best places to start. They often have a load of different dealers all under one roof, which gives great variety. If you have the time, antique and salvage fairs are another way of seeing and comparing. Just bear in mind transportation if you do end up buying something on the spot.

Find what you like and trust your heart. And always haggle. Generally there is always a deal to be done.

Antiques Trade Gazette is a great source of information for what is going on around the country.  And sites like www.antiques-atlas.com have an antique fairs diary for the year and a directory of antique centres (as well as over 50,000 antiques to buy online from UK dealers).


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