The Power of Colour

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Colour is absolutely integral to an interior scheme, but it always seems to cause so much heart ache and stress when coming to decisions. We are constantly influenced by colours and trends, yet they are so personal to us. Clients change their minds a hundred times about wall colours, kitchen cabinetry and bathrooms. But you have to think about how colour makes you feel.

 It also depends on location and light. Be aware of natural light. In south facing rooms use cool colours and for east facing room, warm it up. Colours are also influenced by surroundings – city, country and coast.

 Colours also have very different symbolism. Here are a few things to consider:

 Red – it’s a strong colour, conjuring feelings of love, power and emotion. It’s a very physical colour.

 Blue – a very calming colour associated with serenity and reflection. It’s often used in business environments to increase productivity. The negatives are that it can often be cold and we would advise not to use it in kitchens as it is thought to curb appetite! (Kitchen colours are often associated with food colours).

 White – the colour of purity, simplicity, cleanliness often with a heightened perception of space. If using white you will need to add textures to a neutral scheme.

 Black – helps to ground a scheme. It’s also a colour of sophistication and glamour, giving clarity to a room. Dark grey or blue works in much the same way. However, there can be a heaviness to it. It’s a very bold colour to use and really creates drama.

 Orange – a colour of confidence, happiness and laughter. It’s a great colour for combating depression as it gives a sense of communication, togetherness and sharing. It’s a great colour to offset with grey. The downside (other than it’s branding association with a certain airline) is that is can be seen as aggressive.

 Yellow – one of the most eye catching of colours. Like orange, it gives confidence and rationality. It is a colour that children most gravitate towards and is often associated with youth, optimism and is attention grabbing.

 Green – soooooooo calming (in the right tones!) Green is associated with harmony, balance, compassion and nature. It’s a kind and generous colour that is very versatile.

 Pink – stereotyped as a feminine colour but there is so much more to it than candy pink. It’s a colour of relaxation, affection and nurturing. It symbolises good health and in the right shade can be used in any room. It combines particularly well with grey, blue and green.

 Purple – a strong choice! It’s a colour of spiritual and luxury awareness. But it can look cheap and oppressive.

Choose colours that make your heart sing! There will always be trends, there will always be Pantone's Colour of the Year, but choose colours because you like them, not because they are dictated to you. And remember, the colour of walls and cabinets can always be changed if you make the wrong decision. Nothing is permanent. 

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