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Bianchini-Ferier Swords

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Jewelled swords on a red background. Design and colour notes in French in the boarder. Colours are predominantly red with turquoise, gold and brown. Watercolour in an antiqued oak frame.

The Bianchini-Ferier Archive 1888.

Bianchini-Ferier was a leading fabric design house founded in Paris in 1888. Offbeat Interiors is in the enviable position of owning a collection of beautiful and original drawings of the fabric designs and scarves created for the likes of Hermes, Givenchy, Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent to name a few - and famously the artist Raoul Dufy produced over 4,000 designs for them between 1912-1928. Each of these designs forms part of an important overview of 20th century Parisian textile design.

Dimensions: 83cm W 83cm H

Materials: Watercolour in antiqued oak frame

Finish: Original art in new frame

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